[Gambas-user] Gambas for Android

Rob sourceforge-raindog2 at ...94...
Wed Jul 13 17:44:41 CEST 2011

On Wednesday 13 July 2011 05:27, Iggy Budiman wrote:
> Android doesn't use X windows, no GTK nor QT.
> Maybe You can compile it for text mode only, compile it for Arm, but
> with no graphic.

Someone has ported Qt to Android.  I don't know how many X-specific hacks 
there are in Gambas, but someone sufficiently motivated (that is to say, 
not me) might be able to port Gambas (using NDK) as well.  Google for 

I think such a thing would be kind of hacky and result in a lot of bad, 
hoggy non-native-feeling apps being written, due to the way NDK works, but 
it should be possible.

Eclipse and Google's Android SDK together are definitely not as easy to 
learn as Gambas, but they do provide a GUI form designer and Java is 
certainly easier to deal with than, say, Objective-C.  For those not up to 
that challenge, there's Google App Inventor.


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