[Gambas-user] Desktop.SendKeys

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Wed Jul 13 00:56:23 CEST 2011

> hi,
> i have an open terminal running a program that may run for long time. i
> want to use Desktop.SendKeys to send a CTRL+C to the terminal. (that's
> just an example. i know there are some very smarter ways of achieving
> that ;))
> if i use
> Desktop.SendKeys("{[CONTROL_L]C}") nothing happens but if no program
> runs i can see that the blinking cursor stops for a moment so my
> terminal seems to receive the keystrike...?
> what's happening here?
> btw, i think, the person i'm asking for wants to send CTRL+K to a gui
> application, so it has nothing to do with sending signals as in my
> example... but it is not working, too, while sending normal keys
> (without CTRL) works well...
> regards,
> tobi

X11 found funny to recently change the case of the keys. They were uppercase, 
now they use a mix of uppercase and lowercase. Very funny.

So now try:


And tell me if it works.

Otherwise, are you replying to a previous post just to create a new subject? 
If that is the case, then stop doing that! You are making the mailing-list 
unreadable by mixing unrelated threads.


Benoît Minisini

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