[Gambas-user] How to stop an Observer?

tobias tobiasboe1 at ...20...
Mon Jul 11 22:33:14 CEST 2011

On 11.07.2011 20:47, tobias wrote:
> hi,
> i wonder how to stop an observer from raising events? my code
> demonstrative code looks like this:
> (gambas2)
> PRIVATE hObs AS Observer
> PUBLIC SUB ObserveSubject(hSubject AS TextBox)
>     IF hObs THEN
>       ReleaseSubject()
>     ENDIF
>     hObs = NEW Observer(hSubject)
> PUBLIC SUB ReleaseSubject()
>     ???
> i think, i'm missing something very basic here...
> regards,
> tobi
oh, i just noticed the note in the online doc which is not present in my 
offline one:
The observer object is attached to the observed object, and is freed 
only when the observed object is freed too.

seems that there is no possibility without destroying the control. is 
there a way to copy an entire object, so i can create a new TextBox with 
the same property values?

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