[Gambas-user] ComboBox_Click Problem

Matti math.eber at ...221...
Mon Jul 11 21:37:27 CEST 2011

Hi Tobias,

for me, it looks like ComboBox.Text is made only to show something like "Please 
select something" or "All entries". As soon as you select an item, ComboBox.Text 
is replaced by that item. I tried the Click and the Change event, and in both 
cases it's gone. Benoit might correct me here.

But this should be no problem: when you set ComboBox.Text, why don't you store 
your path in a variable and put it together afterwards with the selected item?


Am 09.07.2011 12:39, schrieb tobias:
> hi,
> i encountered a problem - for me - in gambas3 regarding ComboBox_Click()
> event. i have a directory name in ComboBox.Text and the contents of this
> directory in ComboBox.List. i implemented _Click() to append the current
> item's text to the directory path:
> Public Sub ComboBox1_Click()
>     Dim sPath As String
>     Print ComboBox1.Text
>     sPath = Mid$(ComboBox1.Text, 1, RInStr(ComboBox1.Text, "/"))
>     ComboBox1.Text = sPath&/ ComboBox1.Current.Text
> End
> this results in e.g. "bin" (if ComboBox1.Text was "/" before) as output
> in terminal, so the ComboBox.Text is changed to the text of the selected
> item before the event is raised. i tried Stop Event but this didn't
> help. i want to preserve the previous text. the text of the current
> selected item is in ComboBox1.Current.Text, too, so it's twice available
> but i don't see a proper way to get the previous text.
> or is this expected? i don't know if this is the same in gb2...
> regards,
> tobi
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