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Thanks, these are clear words we need! I think it is very important to
have clear explanations.

2011/7/3, Benoît Minisini <gambas at ...1...>:
>> I've tried to do exactly what I've done in G2: giving coordinates in
>> original pixel sizes of the image.
>> Can I set the resolution to 300 dpi and to use the originally measured
>> horizontal and vertical pixel coordinates for printing? You know the
>> program I'm working on is right about the using mouse coordinates for
>> positioning the text, to avoid the unnecessary measurement
>> coordinate's transformation. But as it seems to me, G3 is about how to
>> make simple things complicated :(
>> Thanks anyway, I'll try to fix it.
>> Csaba
> There are three reasons for the new Printer API in Gambas 3 :
> - The Qt drawing model has changed.
> - GTK+ got a printer API that uses Cairo.
> - The Gambas 2 Printer API was blocking the GUI.
> So it is a bit more complicated now, as you have to use events, and the new
> Paint class that mimics the Cairo API.
> Otherwise, there is no "unnecessary coordinate transformation". If you using
> screen coordinates for printing in Gambas 2 worked, then it just means that
> you were lucky.
> Because doing that is as false in Gambas 2 as it is in Gambas 3.
> In other words, you have to do coordinate transformation.
> To do that, for example, you draw inside the (0, 0, Printer.PaperWidth,
> Printer.PaperHeight) rectangle, each unit being a millimeter. And before
> calling the Paint method, you scale the rectangle to (0, 0, Draw.Width,
> Draw.Height).
> To do this scaling, you have the "Paint matrix", i.e. the Paint.Scale()
> method.
> I will try to add these explanations to the wiki.
> Regards,
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> Benoît Minisini
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