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i have a class CCar with an event Run().

When i implement the object hCar in module Main
i have to use Object.Attach to use the event handler for the event Run.

At page http://gambasdoc.org/help/lang/eventdecl says
"By default, Name_EventName is the name of the method called in the
event listener when an event is raised."

But without Object.Attach(hCar, Me, "hCar") i cannot use the event  

' Gambas module file

Private hCar As CCar

Public Sub Main()
  hCar = New CCar
  Object.Attach(hCar, Me, "hCar")  

Public Sub hCar_Run()
  Print "Car is running"

in the example if i remove line
Object.Attach(hCar, Me, "hCar")  

and use RAISE in class i cant use
Public Sub hCar_Run() as default event handler. 

i attach the project.
to see what i am describing remove line 9
Object.Attach(hCar, Me, "hCar")  
from Main.module.

Demosthenes Koptsis.
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