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Sun Jul 3 21:02:33 CEST 2011

Benoît Minisini schrieb:
>>> I need the component project.
>> o.k., the error was "Cannot load class 'Socket': unable to load class
>> file". component is attached.
> OK, I see.
> Component.Load("test_comp") will not force the load of the gb.net component. 
> At the moment, the components dependencies are computed by the IDE, not at 
> runtime.
> I admit that should not be the case, but everything is not perfect yet. :-)
> I think you can workaround the problem by:
> - Checking the gb.net component in your project.
> - Or adding 'Component.Load("gb.net")' in the component source code.
> Note that the problem is the same in Gambas 3.
> Regards,

i thought, i tried your second suggestion already but i'll see.
no, it's not working. project attached again.
> but everything is not perfect yet. :-)
i'm glad to have found something that can be improved ;)

but it gets even stranger... (at least, i don't understand it):
if i open up the gambas ide and type to the console:

? Component.Load("test_comp")
Cannot load class 'Socket': Unable to load class file

so my problem persists.
then i clicked on the Save button to save my project and the ide crashes 
with something said about the "Null Object" if i already clicked to the 
Save button or "Unable to load class 'Save'..." if i click the first 
time. it's the same thing with almost any other control and even if i 
minimize the window...

(as i tested it again, the Save button worked... but the Create New 
Project button not. i hope, you can reproduce the error)

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