[Gambas-user] Issue 73 in gambas: Gambas 3 under LXDE

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Fri Jul 1 20:27:31 CEST 2011

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New issue 73 by anishp... at ...626...: Gambas 3 under LXDE

1) I am a first time linux programmer. Please refer the screenshots. I am  
using Gambas 3 in LinuxMint LXDE. The default colour of forground of text  
is white. So It's unreadble in most cases. So I try to change some colors  
in preference. But now as good as it in Linuxmint Genome. Please clear it.

2) GIVE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATIONS (if they are appropriate):

Version: Unknown
Revision: Unknown
Operating system: Linux
Distribution: LinuxMint
Architecture: x86
GUI component: Unknown
Desktop used: LXDE

Hope you can fix this problem. With Thanks


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