[Gambas-user] Probable bug with "_unknown" method when used for propertie

Gary D Walborn gwalborn at ...626...
Fri Jul 1 13:48:41 CEST 2011


   As I expected, the mailing list dropped the project. I made a project
that demonstrates the problem using only two small source files (and NO
libraries, data files, etc.).  Here are the two files.

------------------------------------- Begin MMain.module
' Gambas module file

Public Sub Main()
  Dim Ex As Example

  Ex = New Example
  Print Ex.Data 'This succeeds
  If Ex.Data = "Test" Then Print "OK" 'This fails

---------------------------------------End MMain.module

' Gambas class file

Class Example

Public Sub _unknown(...) As Variant

  Return "Test"

---------------------------------------End EXAMPLE.class

Hope this is sufficient.


Gary D. Walborn
gwalborn at ...626...

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