[Gambas-user] Database not working to select records, but fields/tables identified

Caveat Gambas at ...1950...
Fri Jul 1 02:37:39 CEST 2011


I'm trying to get database access to an ODBC datasource (have been
trying for a few days now).

I have the simplest Access (.mdb) database in the world: one table
called people, with an id, a first name, a last name, and a phone
number.  There is no password on the database.  I can see data in the
people table if I use MDB Viewer (i.e. the table 'people' is NOT

Thanks to a tip from Ricardo, I have gotten as far as a good connection,
can see the ResultFields in the Result as expected (4 of them, with the
expected column names), I get the appropriate error if I deliberately
choose an invalid tablename (like persons for e.g.)... all good...

I can't seem to get any kind of actual results in my result set,
Result.Available seems to always be False although I know there's data
in the table.

This is also the case if I run the Database example in Gambas3, so I'm
guessing it's not just my shoddy coding lol

Here's the code I used (but note **it doesn't work** with the Database
example either!):

Public Sub tryNewDB()
  Dim conn As Connection
  Dim res As Result
  Dim sql As String
  Dim resF As ResultField
  conn = Connections["NEWDB"]
  sql = "select * from people"
  res = conn.Exec(sql)
  For Each resF In res.Fields
    Print "Found field: " & resF.Name
  Print "Result Count: " & res.Count
  Print "Available? " & boolToString(res.Available)
  While res.Available
    Print "Field1: " & res["Field1"]

Private Function boolToString(value As Boolean) As String
  If value Then
    Return "True"
  Return "False"

************ result ***********
Found field: ID
Found field: Field1
Found field: Field2
Found field: Field3
Result Count: 0
Available? False
************ result ***********

Many thanks in advance for any new pointers...


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