[Gambas-user] Gambas programs recognized as executables

Daniel Campos daniel.campos at ...338...
Sun May 29 13:34:14 CEST 2005


A Gambas program can be recognized by the Linux kernel as an executable, 
if the
binfmt_misc module is enabled (this is the normal thing in all common 
modern Linux
distributions). To test it, do at root in a console:

echo ':Gambas:M::# Gambas Project File::/usr/bin/gbx:' > 

for gambas, or:

echo ':Gambas:M::# Gambas Project File::/usr/bin/gbx2:' > 

for gambas2.

Then, compile a gambas program, edit it (vi is a good option), and 
remove all from the beggining
of the file to the phrase: "# Gambas Project File", so the first line in 
the gambas executable is just
"# Gambas Project File".

Then, try to execute the program.

I've tested it with little programs and they run OK, however big 
programs like the Gambas ide,
seems to fail, as it seems to lose some information about paths...


D. Campos

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