[Gambas-user] IDE problems

PV oreip at ...1...
Sun May 22 09:04:30 CEST 2005

I experienced a similar strange problem.

I had to use an array of objects and two arrays of integers, but if I created 
them in three consecutive lines, at runtime I got a "Bad number of dimensions" 
error and the program stopped.

Just moving the creation of the two arrays of integers a few lines down, in the 
same sub, without touching or modifying anything else, solved the problem.



On 22/05/2005 03:18, nando wrote:
> Trying many things...it appears that the 
> order of DIMing local variables makes a difference
> DIMing strings after the Integers appears to help.
> This is true when the strings contain wield ASC values.
> -Fernando

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