[Gambas-user] IDE problems

nando nando_f at ...951...
Sun May 22 03:08:56 CEST 2005

I have encountered problems in the IDE.

1) in the LOCAL tab of the Project Window
I have a few variables of which one
local Integer variable is:

The NAME column shows 'counter'
The Value column shows '=21'

The equal sign comes from where?

2) I have a global string 's'
  It is supposed to have all kinds of characters in it
  including ASC values less than 32

In the CONSOLE...

if I ?len(s) I get zero (even though I know it is assigned)
if I ?Mid$(s,1,1) I get the first letter correctly returned,
and then immediately the LOCAL tab of the Project Windows changes
the value of another Local variable:

NAME = msg_num  (an integer variable)


What is ERROR 21?

Then when I press F8 to single step,

The CONSOLE windows shows the FORM.Subroutine.Line number 
and not the Project window.

I can compile and make an executable.

I'm really confused with the IDE bugs.

Any ideas how these happen ?


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