[Gambas-user] Drawing Graphics Questions

nando nando_f at ...951...
Fri May 20 01:05:06 CEST 2005

Drawing Graphic Questions...

To draw graphics of any sort,
I need to DRAW.BEGIN on any one of the following objects

 a Picture
 a Window
 a Printer (for the printer, not the screen)
 a Drawing
 a DrawingArea

When I am done, I need to DRAW.END

Then, and most importantly, I must

ME.MASK = {the object I drew on above}

and then the graphics will be on the screen.

(1) is the above process correct?

(2) If the object is a WINDOW object,
then the graphics are direct in the window and the ME.MASK is
not required because the DRAW.END signals showing on the window.

(3) What is the difference between DRAWING object and DRAWINGAREA object?

Thank you,

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