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Matthias Laur matthias-laur at ...978...
Thu May 19 10:31:10 CEST 2005


I want to store a mpg file from s-video-in for 10 sec with the following


Shell "cat /dev/video0 > myfile.mpg" AS myprocess

Wait (10)



But after then the process was still alive.


Then I try:


Shell "kill " & myprocess.id


With no access. The process was still alive.


Then I saw that the number that myprocess.id returns was 1 lower then the
number that the command "fuser /dev/video0" in the bash returns.


So at last I try:


Shell "kill " & cstr(myprocess.id +1)


And it works. Can you tell me why?

I'm using Gambas 1.0.6


Greets from Hamburg



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