[Gambas-user] Re: Gambas2-1.9.6 doesn't show forms, classes, modules, etc.

P@...727...@N panpan at ...726...
Wed May 18 08:31:19 CEST 2005

>> Sorry, forgot to attach the screenshot.
>> Here's the one
>> -------------------------------
>> I installed Gambas2-1.9.6 with disabled GTK (using Mandrake 10.1)
>> Every projects I've opened, the project window only show directories
>> inside the project dirs.
>> I attached the screenshot.
>> Any ideas why this happens? and the solution?
>> The project was made in Gambas-1.0.3 and everything is fine.
>> Thank's in advance,
>> salam
>> -iggy
I sent this mail last month. Apparently this all because I put the 
project in a Fat32 fs. This does not happens in gambas1.


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