[Gambas-user] Picture Box Bug/Confusion

nando nando_f at ...951...
Wed May 18 00:09:40 CEST 2005

I have a large PNG in a picture box

The PNG is 1844 x 2200

If I hold the mouse over the picturebox control with the
mouse, it always says PictureBox1 1856 x 2360 for the IDE tooltip.

Intestingly, the picture is slightly skewed and
it doesn't matter what I set the Width or Height to,
the picturebox dimensions on the IDE tooltip are incorrect
(1856 x 2360) 

I'm thinking the skewing is because of my monitor alignment -
except other smaller (resonable sized) PNG's look normal.

The picture box X and Y are negative, -500 to -1500 range.

1856 x 2360 seems to be what it thinks everything is.

Is the 1856 X 2360 the PNG size, because the graphics programs
say 1844 x 2200

So, I'm a bit confused.


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