[Gambas-user] Process_read

Tom mrzanderson at ...626...
Mon May 16 05:17:15 CEST 2005


Just wondering if there are any known problems with Process_read in the 1.03 
We are reading the output of an svn command which outputs a large amount of 
lines (100+). This command does not supply instant output, instead it must 
download files from a server and then print out the result.

With small quantities this works fine, however when it comes to reading large 
amounts of output it gets the output lines mixed up. Almost as if it wraps 
the output... Here is an example..


Expected Output:

Added /home/user/project/subfolder/file1
Added /home/user/project/subfolder/file2
Modified /home/user/project/subfolder/file3
Deleted /home/user/project/subfolder/file4
Deleted /home/user/project/subfolder/file5

Actual Output:

Added /home/user/project/subfolder/file1
Added /home/user/project/subfolder/file2
Modified /home/user/project/subf


This is more or less the kind of output that we are getting... Again only with 
large lists of output.

Before we spent too much time killing ourselves over our code I thought it 
would be best to ask if anyone else has been experiencing similar problems?


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