[Gambas-user] Multiselect files

Eilert eilert-sprachen at ...221...
Tue May 10 09:46:54 CEST 2005

Hi Marco,

Marco Gusy schrieb:
> Hi all. I would like to multi-select files in a dir, should I create a 
> dedicated form with a listview/treeview or is there some faster way?
> Thanks

There is a standard dialog which should do the job. Let me have a look...

Yep, "Dialog.FileOpen" is it. Look it up under gb.qt "Dialog" in the 
help. Paths are set and returned via Dialog.Path. Funny: If the user 
clicks Cancel, the function will return True :-)

Aaah - I tried it, it is just able to return one single file. That's why 
you asked, mate, isn't it?

Sorry, guess you'll have to code it by hand, no faster way I would know 
about. By the way, wouldn't that be a handy thing to include as an 
example/tool for the Gambas package? I guess more people will be happy 
to use such a tweaked dialog.


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