[Gambas-user] Global multidimensional arrays

ML ml at ...973...
Mon May 9 17:34:19 CEST 2005

Hi Benoit,

your explanations together with Rolf's suggestions and hints in another message 
have been really of great help to me.
Arrays in Gambas have no more secrets now... :-)

Thanks a lot guys!!!


On 09/05/2005 16:17, Benoit Minisini wrote:

> In gambas, there two types of arrays:
> - Static array, that are allocated inside the object when they are private to 
> them. They can't be public.
> - Dynamic arrays, that are true Gambas objects, and that work like arrays in 
> Java. They can be public.
> In the development version, dynamic arrays can be multi-dimensional. So you 
> can write now:
> and in the contructor:
> p = NEW Float[5, 5]
> At the moment, you can't write directly STATIC PUBLIC p AS NEW Float[5, 5]
> Regards,

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