[Gambas-user] OT: GTK component and Ubuntu development

Thomas Mathiesen thomas at ...947...
Mon May 9 15:58:43 CEST 2005

> 1.9.x is a *development* version, and there is no timeline for making it
> stable. There are many problems in it, and I will continue breaking things
> inside until I'm statisfied :-)

I totally understand... and I am very happy that I have Gambas in this world

> If you want to use it as it is a stable version, you should do it at your own
> risk. I won't hear you crying :-)

Won't cry too much ;)

> Elsewhere, I'm sure that installing the Qt library on the The Ubuntu is very
> easy. I installed the Debian gambas packages on a Ubuntu Live-CD in a few
> mouse clicks, and the only problem I had is that QT fonts were too large.

It ain't hard, but if you're running Gnome and using any theme in the world,
you will still get the "shitty-looking" default kde window for all your
gambas-qt forms.. I can't tell people to change their kde theme.. when they
run Gnome (even though they've got qt/kdelibs there)


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