[Gambas-user] Global multidimensional arrays

Eilert eilert-sprachen at ...221...
Mon May 9 11:28:21 CEST 2005

Hi Piero,

> The problem is that I need to have a global bidimensional array of floats,
> available through all modules and classes.

Well, the question of global or not is very easy to solve: You can have 
global variables and arrays by declaring them PUBLIC and then calling 
them with the name of the module/class they are in 
(any_class.my_global_string) from any other class/module.

This works with standard 1-dimensional arrays too. I need a lot of 
string arrays. My way of using this in my current project is to store 
the strings of dimension 2 as part-strings in the array of dimension 1, 
separated with chr$(9) or so. To extract the single part-strings, I use 
Split(). This works rather fast, so no problem for me.

With float arrays you might use another trick: create dimension 1 as an 
object array - myArray as Object[] - and place as many float arrays in 
it as are needed for that dimension. The float arrays then represent 
dimension 2. Access is possible via two square brackets. Here is a small 
example within one class:

PRIVATE abc AS NEW Object[]

DIM xyz AS Float[]

	FOR i = 0 to 9
		xyz = NEW Float[]

Now you access the 2 dimensions for example by

	abc[i][j] = something

Hope it helps!


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