[Gambas-user] listview questions

Alain Van der Eycken alain at ...974...
Sun May 8 12:19:43 CEST 2005

Hi All,

Being reasonably new with Gambas, i find myself struggling with the listview 
control in multiselect mode

Can someone please (pretty please with a cherry on top) show me the gambas way 
of how to:

loop through every item in the list, and delete it from the list if the 
listview.item.selected property is set ? 
I've constructed this for-next monstrosity which does kinda-sorta what i want, 
but it's ugly and error-prone and just doesn't feel right. How do you do it 
the gambas way ?


How do i move the view to another item in the list ?

When i load the list, it comes up with the first item in the list.
According to the docs, there is a method 'MoveTo(key)' that should change the 
view to the item in question. However, i must be missing something here as 
well. Suppose i load a list with 200 items. When the list comes up, it shows 
item1, item2,etc --which is of course fine and dandy-- however,I want the 
list to show item150.
When i do a listview.moveto(key of item150) the view doesn't change to display 
item150, but keeps on displaying item1. 
So what is it that i am missing/not doing here ??

Kind Regards,


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