[Gambas-user] About Gambas arrays

Eilert eilert-sprachen at ...221...
Wed May 4 09:38:09 CEST 2005

Hi Fernando,

nando schrieb:
> Benoit,
> My transition from VB to GAMBAS is progressing.
> I want to use .ADD and .CLEAR for an array
> but the syntax and usage eludes me.

 From my point of view (and after having experimented with it for a 
while) I found that some hints in the help seem to be misleading.

> If I do the following...
>   PRIVATE  my_array [4096] as SHORT
> I am having a difficulty using .CLEAR 
>   my_array.clear  reports it is not an object
> I know I am missing something in my understanding here.
> Can you aid in clearing my brain fog?


Don't know if my sun shines bright enough to heat away that fog, but 
what I would do is

DIM my_array as NEW SHORT[]

To add something to the array at its end, you will use


and to clear the stuff completely, you may use


The drawback is that for having a 4096 cells big array you will have to 
add 4096 values first. (On the other hand, when you use a fixed-size 
array like you did above, you will have to write 4096 zeros to get rid 
of its values...)

But be aware that poking something into a certain position of it just 
will need a

my_array[x] = y

In my programs, much of the stuff in the help about STATIC, PRIVATE and 
so on works different from how it's explained, but this may be due to 
the fact that I use modules rather than classes (I found that they react 
differently here).


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