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Tue May 3 10:19:33 CEST 2005

On Monday 02 May 2005 16:33, nando wrote:
> Benoit,
> Questions:
> (1) Does the following...
> PRIVATE my_array [4096, 16] as STRING
> ...occupy a static section of RAM or
> is it dymanic depending on the size of string actually stored
> in each element ??  (Remalloc'd every time there is an assignment?)

The array itself is statically allocated in your class, but a string is just a 
pointer to a malloc() allocation.

By doing this, an object of your class will take at least 4096 * 16 * 4 = 256 
Kb !

> (2) Are byte,integer arrays MALLOC'd in a static section of RAM once??

What do you mean by being "malloc'd" in a static section of ram once ???

There are two types of arrays in Gambas:

- "static arrays", declared with DIM array[x, y] AS Type
- "dynamic arrays", declared with DIM array AS NEW Type[x, y]

The dynamic arrays are true Gambas objects, like in Java, but not static ones. 
Static arrays are allocated directly in the object they are declared (or in a 
temporary allocation if you declared them as local variables in a method).

> Thanks
> -Fernando


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