[Gambas-user] Nelson's Gambas wish list

Rob sourceforge-raindog2 at ...94...
Sat Jun 28 21:46:16 CEST 2003

Nelson Ferraz has set up a wish list for Gambas language features at


Some of his suggestions are better suited to Perl (which is where he got them 
from) and some are already present in Gambas, but a couple might be nice to 

One of the things Nelson is asking for is post-conditional notation, which I 
think would be overly confusing for BASIC programmers but I can see the value 
in being able to do the following in one line:

  PRINT i FOR i = 1 TO 10

Instead, maybe Gambas should have a syntax element like other BASIC languages 
have always had, the colon to separate statements on a line:

  FOR i = 1 TO 10 : PRINT i : NEXT

He also suggested Perl-style string interpolation by prefixing variables with 
a dollar sign, e.g.

  MyStr = "world"
  PRINT "Hello $MyStr!"

I can see where that might be difficult to do, but it would sure save a lot of 

Thoughts?  Nelson, did you ever sign up for the list?


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