[Gambas-user] Re: the 0.60

Kannan Ramasamy kannan62k at ...43...
Sat Jun 28 11:40:01 CEST 2003

Hello there,

Thanx for ur pointing out the changes to made in v0.58
source with respect to CWindow.cpp, main.cpp and
CPicture.cpp(earlier by Benoit himself).

These patches hav got me beyond and into 0.60 and it
installs great now except that the properties window
doesnt show up anything about controls.  $hConn.exec
now terminates the application without any error even
if the next line does a 'Catch'.

The same for Tableview in 0.58, the app. doesnt even
load the form where with 0.57 I could see the contents
except that a mouse click closes the entire

Mysql.devel is working fine for me now in my RH8.0
with qt3-gcc3.2 installation and i could do a hConn

These problems as above should be minimal compared to
the phenomenal work that has been completed so far and
which is so very good as well.

Regards to all,

R S Kannan
kannan62k at ...43...

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