[Gambas-user] gambas 0.60 Mandrake RPM's etc.

Rob sourceforge-raindog2 at ...94...
Fri Jun 27 22:57:12 CEST 2003

I finally posted at http://www.kudla.org some RPM's for Gambas 0.60.  This 
time rather than being for Mandrake 9.0 they are for 9.1 instead, since I 
haven't had time to patch Gambas 0.60 for Qt 3.0.

One thing I had to do in my spec file (which I'd probably include in my patch 
for Mandrake 9.0 but for one line it seemed silly to make a patch) was fix 
the FExplorer class of the IDE to look in the directory RPM creates for doc 
files (/usr/share/doc/gambas-0.60 in this case) rather than /usr for the help 
HTML files.  I dunno if this is the optimal way to do things; maybe the help 
directory ought to be specified in some make file or configuration file or 
the configure script or something.  But it works.

I also noticed there were some issues I hadn't seen before with the wiki 
extract.  In particular, it seems the entire gb.gb class isn't accessible 
from the explorer thingy, and somehow a few of the array-related components 
(String[], etc) had symbol documentation created with right square brackets 
in it, screwing up wiki links and therefore the documentation too.  I'll try 
to fix that as I find it.  I'll also be working on copying theeasygambasdoku 
into wiki format so all the "How do i...." pages can be included in the help 
browser in the next version (the VB user I gave Gambas to thought the docs 
could use a lot more examples and mentioned Jochen's site as a good source of 
examples.)  And our conversations on the wiki pages (on the How do I page and 
the new Wishlist created by Nelson, but probably others) should probably go 
between nopublish.../nopublish tags, which I've already started doing with 
other stuff like "download the static version here."  Of course, with 
>90F/30C temperatures and no A/C in my office, this is all heat permitting ;)

The way the search thingy returns HTML filenames (especially with the 
byzantine way I named the Wiki pages) is kinda unfriendly.  I will probably 
submit a patch to make it look a little nicer (maybe the same way I did with 
the "referenced by" links in the component pages ofthe wiki.)  Have to say 
that I've abandoned my plans for a cached full text search though - the brute 
force search out there now is amazingly fast.  Great work, Benoit and Fabien.  
Instead, I will probably make a cached "searchable list of pages by title" 
like the second tab in the old VB help browser and submit that.


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