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Wed Jun 25 14:35:19 CEST 2003

Le Mercredi 25 Juin 2003 05:33, Rob a écrit :
> On Tuesday 24 June 2003 22:50, Kannan Ramasamy wrote:
> > At this outset, I would like to see these controls:
> > 1. Datepicker
> > 2. Database/Table link
> > 3. Reporting Tool
> I think that all of these things would be better implemented in Gambas
> (using whatever mechanism Benoit comes up with - see his brief note on the
> InputBox thread) rather than writing new components for them in C++ and Qt
> (which would then have to be reimplemented when Gambas gets a
> Gtk/Win32/Cocoa/whatever component.)

I agree.

> I've done a lot with the Printer object in VB for report generation because
> the included Crystal Reports (and indeed, the expensive retail one) sucks
> ass and crashes a lot, so I expect to be experimenting with the Gambas
> equivalent, and the other two items on your list would best be implemented
> as compound widgets, to use a Tcl term.

Having integrated Report manager into Gambas needs a lot of IDE rework first. 
This work is currently in progress.

> That said, I don't want to dissuade anyone (including you!) from tackling
> any of these ideas if you would rather not wait for someone else to do so.
> > Packaging was something I conveyed Beniot sometime
> > back and Im the in the process of building/selling
> > Linux Boxes here, I live in Chennai(Madras)/Tamil
> > Nadu/India. Im planning to package some of the famous
> > Freeware/Sourceforge projects with the system.
> You mean packaging of Gambas itself, or packaging of Gambas projects?  If
> you meant the former, I think campaigning for distributions to include
> Gambas (and failing that, getting people like you and me to build them for
> our favorite distribution) makes more sense than trying to convince Benoit
> to install every distribution on the face of the earth to tediously build
> packages ;)

Of course ! I think Gambas is next to work on all distributions. The problem 
is that the major distributions currently change a lot of things between each 
version: glibc, qt, etc. I hope all that will stabilize in the near future.

> If you meant the latter, I could certainly see Gambas setup tools for RPM-
> and apt-based distributions that start with the tarball created by the
> "make package" menu option and end up with your package format of choice. 
> I'll probably write one for RPM when I have time (read: down my priority
> list a ways, behind getting the wiki docs all straightened out and making
> my first attempt at a VB->Gambas form translator.)

Such a tool will be great for VB newbies.

> Rob

Benoit Minisini
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