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Wed Jun 25 13:59:09 CEST 2003

Back in January I submitted the following component for inclusion in
gambas. At the time Benoit thought the InputBox of VB a bad idea, so
it didn't get included.  Perhaps we'll try again :-)


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Le Lundi 23 Juin 2003 21:50, Rob a écrit :
> On Monday 23 June 2003 15:27, Fabien wrote:
> > Can't you make it yourself ?
> > No, input box doesn't exist in gambas !
> > There isn't really hard work to make a little reusable input box !
> > Look the ide for it !
> Just the same, I'll add that to the "Differences from VB" page since there
> it's a pretty commonly used 1 line of code and here it's a minimum of 3
> lines of code plus an extra form and class in each project that uses it.
> What would be cool would be if it were possible to actually write
> components in Gambas (the way you can write VB controls in VB) so your
> projects don't have to get cluttered up with extra classes that implement
> pretty basic functionality like this but you also don't have to learn C
> in this case C++ since it's Qt) just to write reusable Gambas components.
> There's precedent in other high level Unix languages as well - Perl, Tcl,
> etc.  I don't know if Gambas' architecture makes that possible, though.
> Maybe the concept of "Gambas libraries" - code files that act more or less
> like components (add available classes to your projects) but aren't
> in the same directory as your Gambas project and are written in Gambas
> invisible to the user in the IDE, so they can't accidentally be messed up)
> - would be a nice compromise.  That would require changes to the language
> as well, of course.
> Rob

This is planned :-)

Benoit Minisini
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