[Gambas-user] Diff. with VB

Rob sourceforge-raindog2 at ...94...
Wed Jun 25 05:33:48 CEST 2003

On Tuesday 24 June 2003 22:50, Kannan Ramasamy wrote:
> At this outset, I would like to see these controls:
> 1. Datepicker
> 2. Database/Table link
> 3. Reporting Tool

I think that all of these things would be better implemented in Gambas (using 
whatever mechanism Benoit comes up with - see his brief note on the InputBox 
thread) rather than writing new components for them in C++ and Qt (which 
would then have to be reimplemented when Gambas gets a 
Gtk/Win32/Cocoa/whatever component.)  

I've done a lot with the Printer object in VB for report generation because 
the included Crystal Reports (and indeed, the expensive retail one) sucks ass 
and crashes a lot, so I expect to be experimenting with the Gambas 
equivalent, and the other two items on your list would best be implemented as 
compound widgets, to use a Tcl term.

That said, I don't want to dissuade anyone (including you!) from tackling any 
of these ideas if you would rather not wait for someone else to do so.

> Packaging was something I conveyed Beniot sometime
> back and Im the in the process of building/selling
> Linux Boxes here, I live in Chennai(Madras)/Tamil
> Nadu/India. Im planning to package some of the famous
> Freeware/Sourceforge projects with the system.

You mean packaging of Gambas itself, or packaging of Gambas projects?  If you 
meant the former, I think campaigning for distributions to include Gambas 
(and failing that, getting people like you and me to build them for our 
favorite distribution) makes more sense than trying to convince Benoit to 
install every distribution on the face of the earth to tediously build 
packages ;)

If you meant the latter, I could certainly see Gambas setup tools for RPM- and 
apt-based distributions that start with the tarball created by the "make 
package" menu option and end up with your package format of choice.  I'll 
probably write one for RPM when I have time (read: down my priority list a 
ways, behind getting the wiki docs all straightened out and making my first 
attempt at a VB->Gambas form translator.)


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