[Gambas-user] input box

Rob sourceforge-raindog2 at ...94...
Mon Jun 23 21:50:48 CEST 2003

On Monday 23 June 2003 15:27, Fabien wrote:
> Can't you make it yourself ?
> No, input box doesn't exist in gambas !
> There isn't really hard work to make a little reusable input box !
> Look the ide for it !

Just the same, I'll add that to the "Differences from VB" page since there 
it's a pretty commonly used 1 line of code and here it's a minimum of 3 lines 
of code plus an extra form and class in each project that uses it.

What would be cool would be if it were possible to actually write components 
in Gambas (the way you can write VB controls in VB) so your projects don't 
have to get cluttered up with extra classes that implement pretty basic 
functionality like this but you also don't have to learn C (or in this case 
C++ since it's Qt) just to write reusable Gambas components.  There's 
precedent in other high level Unix languages as well - Perl, Tcl, etc.  I 
don't know if Gambas' architecture makes that possible, though.

Maybe the concept of "Gambas libraries" - code files that act more or less 
like components (add available classes to your projects) but aren't located 
in the same directory as your Gambas project and are written in Gambas (but 
invisible to the user in the IDE, so they can't accidentally be messed up) -  
would be a nice compromise.  That would require changes to the language as 
well, of course.


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