[Gambas-user] Gambas Wiki Translations

Rob sourceforge-raindog2 at ...94...
Thu Jun 12 19:06:50 CEST 2003

Okay, now I have had offers of help in translating the Gambas Encyclopaedia 
Wiki into French, German and Italian.  Thanks to all of you!

I have looked at other people's wikis and it appears that the way it is done 
is to make new root webs which are copies of the original (in this case 
English) version, called for example GambasFrançais, GambasDeutsch or 
GambasItaliano, and then have the translators move through them translating.  
It doesn't seem that there's any automated way to propagate additions from 
the original version to the translated versions. Obviously, over time, some 
things will end up being written in each language that don't end up getting 
translated to other languages, and I think we're going to have to live with 

As recently as last night, I have run perl scripts on the wiki to remove 
leftover formatting problems (stray * and _ marks, mostly) and add a table of 
contents to each of the component class pages, and while the wiki in general 
is pretty clean now, it's certainly possible that someone would find 
something that needs to be cleaned up across a large number of pages.  

I should be able to do these things to the translated versions of the wiki as 
well, but when the next version of Gambas appears, I'm also going to be 
rebuilding my script to import Benoit's class documentation into the wiki, so 
that it can be added automatically but users' additions (example code, 
documentation of undocumented classes) will remain intact.  That will require 
changes to all the component class pages, and possibly some debugging.

So, here's what I have done.  I have set up the following webs but have not 
linked them from the main web (since they're all in English:)


(sorry, it seems TWiki can't handle webs named with the french "ç" in them)


On each of the above wiki home pages, in the blue strip at the top next to the 
Gambas logo is a link to the name of the wiki.  If you click it, it will give 
you a list of pages in your language's wiki that are still in English.  I did 
this by added a "StillInEnglish" link to the bottom of every page; as you 
translate each page you should remove it, and eventually get down to zero 
pages left to be translated ;)

I've also created a GambasTest wiki in which I'm going to start experimenting 
with the automated class documentation to wiki filter (I'll need to write my 
own Gambas program to do this since the way I did it initially was very 
clumsy and not very automated.)  If I perfect it before you guys touch the 
affected pages, I'll update them in your language's wiki as well.

There, I know that's a lot to put out there at once, but hopefully it'll be a 
help to you guys who would like a Wiki in your native language ;)


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