[Gambas-user] Help me!! I need to use Serial IN/OUT!!! :-(

Dimitri Bellini dimitribellini at ...69...
Thu Jun 12 13:24:42 CEST 2003

> There is all what you need inside the interpreter, but I haven't created
> the corresponding instruction yet.
> I think this instruction will have the following syntax:

>   WATCH "/dev/ttyS0" FOR READ WRITE AS #hFile
> And you will get events, like the EXEC instruction.
> I must write an event loop into the interpreter first - There is a post
> somewhere about that.
> Be patient :-)
> Regards,

Thanks Benoit
	for your answer, you have plan to create this new istruction in few month?
I dont see in Properties a INDEX option is possible to have it? (i think is 
possible to use index without this option but if is possible.. :-) ) 
Thanks for Your Great work.


PS:is possible to add a italian language in Wiki (i translate the english 

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