[Gambas-user] Help me!! I need to use Serial IN/OUT!!! :-(

kschrock kschrock at ...149...
Wed Jun 11 14:21:26 CEST 2003

Level 1. Use
READ #File,Variable [ ,Length ] with a length of 1
Then at least you only wait a single character instead of a line

Level 2. Make a script that does the same thing
EXEC or SHELL it from Gambas and user FOR READ option
So that you app can go about its business until it returns
The shell will call a callback when data is ready

Level 3. Write a gambas component or have someone do that for you (in C)

Dimitri Bellini wrote:

>Hi all
>	i need help to create a basic input/output program i see every mail in the 
>list but nothing to do... 
>Yes i can read a data ... but i must collect the incoming data in real time 
>and show it in a form with some modification so i dont use a external tool. 
>When i use the Open file Direct and grab a line with INPUT LINE the program 
>stop until a new data is arrived... azz... I dont understand how can i solve 
>this problem....
>Please help me... I'm not a C programer :-) There is some one that have made a 
>module Like MSComm for Gambas.
>Thanks in Advance

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