[Gambas-user] new pre-version of gambas

Jean-Francois Perreault cmcpero at ...142...
Mon Jun 9 16:17:29 CEST 2003


So I've been the one with a problem all along argg
maybe I have some crud in my system I built it 27-4-2003 can you check 
when you built yours ?

I'll try to produce a gdb log but I never used that before (the little 
C/C++ I know never left books)

first I got a gambas is not en executable error
so I opened the file , first line refers to gbx -i , I assume this is 
some kind BASIC interpretor ?

so according to the 12 years old gdb man page I run this
gdb gbx
run -i /opt/gambas/bin/gambas

first time it says
no file or directory called /root/.project

if I just run it says "gbx :too many project files"

I created a /root/.project directory
not it says /root/.project is not a file

rm -r /root/.project
gdb gbx
run -i /opt/gambas/bin/gambas

(gdb) run
Starting program: /usr/bin/gbx
Syntax error in project file.
Cannot preload libraries: Success

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x0805b1c2 in project_analyze (addr=0x807dee8 "$3\027@$3\027@\020", 
len=0) at project.c:205
205       if (PROJECT_name[0] == 0)
(I just love how you can paste UNIX text files into mozilla and it just 
understands , no lost formatting , sweet...)
strange thing though , the strace log looked like more stuff was happening

I though of other factors
maybe it's because I'm using a 2.4.20-gentoo-r5 kernel , what are you 
using Brian ?

Brian Snipes wrote:

>Installs and runs perfectly on Gentoo (with current QT, KDE, MySQL and
>Any chance of getting the Gentoo paths for KDE libraries and includes
>added to the configure script?  My paths are:
>On Sat, 2003-06-07 at 07:40, Benoit Minisini wrote:
>>Hello Suse 8.2, RedHat and Gentoo users,
>>I have made a new pre-version of gambas here:
>>Could you download it and compile it ?
>>It should compile, the IDE should run, and should crash if you try to create a 
>>project using the KDE component.
>>Tell me if I'm right or wrong,

Jean-Francois Perreault
NanoTech Informatique

UIN 783056
cmcpero at ...142...

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