[Gambas-user] Problems with the IDE

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Mon Jun 9 10:05:53 CEST 2003

Le Dimanche 8 Juin 2003 21:35, Charlie a écrit :
> Salut Benoit,
> 1.
> I work with  2 Screens
> and allways if I hade worked last with second screen.
> Start next time working on the first the debug window is on his right
> place, but closing this
> The Pos for FDebug in .gambas  =-4,-20
>  From now on I have still access to the buttons , but moving it I have
> to use right-click/move.
> But for easier work I think it will be nice not to store Window Pos less
> then 0.

Sorry Charlie, I don't really understand what you mean exactly ?
But I'm not surprised if they are problems with windows positions, as QT 
manages them in a very strange manner, if not buggy :-). I had to workaround 
this management when the window is hidden in gambas sources.

> 2.
> The IDE crash without any Message, if you copy componente to second
> Project, where the lib is not used.

The component management in the IDE is badly designed, and I must redo it.

> 3.
> If accedently you have deleted the NAME of an component, the project,
> will not run with F5, but don'T say anything about that.

What do you mean by that ?

> 4.
> Sometimes the IDE crash after choosing a project ( in open a ..)

Is it reproduceable ?

> 5.
> a attached you a File in which I close all open windows from the IDE, I
> find this very usefull after a long debuging or search .

You are right, I should do the same thing than VB.

> I close all windows, let the AktiveForm open would be better.
> amicalement
> Charlie
> Charlie


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