[Gambas-user] Problems with the IDE

Charlie karl.reinl at ...9...
Sun Jun 8 21:35:38 CEST 2003

Salut Benoit,

I work with  2 Screens
and allways if I hade worked last with second screen.
Start next time working on the first the debug window is on his right 
place, but closing this
The Pos for FDebug in .gambas  =-4,-20

 From now on I have still access to the buttons , but moving it I have 
to use right-click/move.

But for easier work I think it will be nice not to store Window Pos less 
then 0.

The IDE crash without any Message, if you copy componente to second 
Project, where the lib is not used.

If accedently you have deleted the NAME of an component, the project, 
will not run with F5, but don'T say anything about that.

Sometimes the IDE crash after choosing a project ( in open a ..)

a attached you a File in which I close all open windows from the IDE, I 
find this very usefull after a long debuging or search .
I close all windows, let the AktiveForm open would be better.


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