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Sun Jun 8 13:44:36 CEST 2003

I still use the NT 3.1 beta SDK and Win95 beta SDK docs
(when absolutely necessary, not often anymore)
As all the later ones were so very ugly

But VB, at one time (1.0 to ???)
Had two text files, one with Win API declares
And one with declares of all the VB functions and methods
Would be nice to have something like that here for this
But again, I don't  know how much VB's changed

Rob wrote:

>On Sunday 08 June 2003 00:17, Ken Schrock wrote:
>>Is there a simple function, method, etc. doc still?
>>(There use to be a text file with it)
>Last time I used VB6, you had to pretty much install MSDN to get the VB docs 
>and access them a page at a time through the MSDN browser.  Then it always 
>seemed that some random piece of documentation (for the database components, 
>for example) would have never been installed and it'd be a huge pain in the 
>butt to add it without reinstalling VB and/or MSDN.  I kinda hated it and 
>wanted to make something a little less retarded.  
>Ultimately, I'd like to see a localized, automatically cleaned up snapshot of 
>the wiki with full text and comcept/keyword search capabilities to be the 
>underlying data for whatever help browser program we come up with.  Something 
>similar to but far more flexible and less annoying than the win98/NT4 help 
>browser, maybe.  (You know, the one with the three tabs.... display all 
>concepts alphabetically, search for keywords, and full text search.)
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