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Sun Jun 8 13:32:47 CEST 2003

I think that is exactly perfect as it is there
As far as the "every possible difference" thing goes
I think we could rely on the list to give the major places
Where VB users trip, and then ask questions or complain
To doc the important things, exhaustive isn't necessary

Rob wrote:

>On Saturday 07 June 2003 21:38, Ken Schrock wrote:
>>I haven't used VB for years (VB 4 was the last I had) so not much help
>>there But no reason I couldn't add flags and explanations as others suggest
>>them Is a graphic\icon\flag possible on wiki and allowed\acceptable\liked
>>or not?
>> !vb1 !vb2 ivb3 ivb4
>Well, there's no reason you can't upload a "differences from VB" icon (I'd 
>suggest creating a "Gambas for VB users" page and the first time you view it, 
>hit the "Attach" link at the bottom and upload a simple graphic) but I'd be 
>careful about codifying too much VB version-specific stuff.  I think rather 
>than being an exhaustive "every possible difference from every VB version" we 
>would just want something like what I did here:
>Instead of ( VB Diff ) at the end of the first line we'd want whatever icon we 
>come up with.
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