[Gambas-user] docs

Rob sourceforge-raindog2 at ...94...
Sun Jun 8 04:53:05 CEST 2003

On Saturday 07 June 2003 21:38, Ken Schrock wrote:
> I haven't used VB for years (VB 4 was the last I had) so not much help
> there But no reason I couldn't add flags and explanations as others suggest
> them Is a graphic\icon\flag possible on wiki and allowed\acceptable\liked
> or not?
> Candidates:
>  !vb1 !vb2 ivb3 ivb4

Well, there's no reason you can't upload a "differences from VB" icon (I'd 
suggest creating a "Gambas for VB users" page and the first time you view it, 
hit the "Attach" link at the bottom and upload a simple graphic) but I'd be 
careful about codifying too much VB version-specific stuff.  I think rather 
than being an exhaustive "every possible difference from every VB version" we 
would just want something like what I did here:


Instead of ( VB Diff ) at the end of the first line we'd want whatever icon we 
come up with.


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