[Gambas-user] docs

Rob sourceforge-raindog2 at ...94...
Sun Jun 8 04:59:47 CEST 2003

On Sunday 08 June 2003 00:17, Ken Schrock wrote:
> Is there a simple function, method, etc. doc still?
> (There use to be a text file with it)

Last time I used VB6, you had to pretty much install MSDN to get the VB docs 
and access them a page at a time through the MSDN browser.  Then it always 
seemed that some random piece of documentation (for the database components, 
for example) would have never been installed and it'd be a huge pain in the 
butt to add it without reinstalling VB and/or MSDN.  I kinda hated it and 
wanted to make something a little less retarded.  

Ultimately, I'd like to see a localized, automatically cleaned up snapshot of 
the wiki with full text and comcept/keyword search capabilities to be the 
underlying data for whatever help browser program we come up with.  Something 
similar to but far more flexible and less annoying than the win98/NT4 help 
browser, maybe.  (You know, the one with the three tabs.... display all 
concepts alphabetically, search for keywords, and full text search.)


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