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Sun Jun 8 01:45:13 CEST 2003

Le Dimanche 8 Juin 2003 03:38, Ken Schrock a écrit :
> Rob wrote:
> [snip]
> >Well, that VB DIFF thing will be entirely manual and requires someone with
> >expertise in both VB and Gambas, so you're welcome to start doing that. 
> > I'll try adding a (name of page)VBDiff link to all the pages at some
> > point (I'll post and email you when I have) and you can start clicking on
> > them and creating pages for those differences.  Eventually maybe I can
> > turn those links to %INCLUDE statements with entries in the table of
> > contents for each page.
> I haven't used VB for years (VB 4 was the last I had) so not much help
> there But no reason I couldn't add flags and explanations as others suggest
> them Is a graphic\icon\flag possible on wiki and allowed\acceptable\liked
> or not?
> Candidates:
>  !vb1 !vb2 ivb3 ivb4
> >Rob
> >
> >
> >
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And now there is vb6 an vb.net
vb.net is really différent than vb6. Gambas like a vb6 but have a synthaxe who 
look like the vb.net one for the class déclaration.
In fact there is not lot actually lot of people who really know vb.net.
I'm an ex vb4 an vb6 programmer, there is not great différence betwin this too 


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