[Gambas-user] new pre-version of gambas

Jean-Francois Perreault cmcpero at ...142...
Sat Jun 7 20:38:12 CEST 2003


It does compile and finish "make install" with no error
but the IDE doesn't start , I get segfault at startup

I included the output of strace

Benoit Minisini wrote:

>Hello Suse 8.2, RedHat and Gentoo users,
>I have made a new pre-version of gambas here:
>Could you download it and compile it ?
>It should compile, the IDE should run, and should crash if you try to create a 
>project using the KDE component.
>Tell me if I'm right or wrong,

Jean-Francois Perreault
NanoTech Informatique

UIN 783056
cmcpero at ...142...

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