[Gambas-user] docs

Ken Schrock schrockk at ...137...
Sat Jun 7 16:19:32 CEST 2003


I think you are right about not being able to retrofit version change info now
It would probably be impossible to do NEW for VER .xx or VER .xx CHNG now

However, I think these docs need to be marked version 0.57
And some method is needed to track version changes in the future
Because 0.53 -> 0.57 seems pretty major and breaks things
(my 0.53 can't run many of your 0.57 example things)
And packages, particularly binary ones, live forever

Have you done a browser check on this?
Some of the fonts on some of the pages 
Are really HUGE in some browsers

I see a lot of things like _Example_ that seem odd
Were the underscores intentional or conversion errors?

How about the VB DIFF icon at the top of the page idea?

Would you like me to do anything, and if so what?

Using Lindows

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