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Benoit Minisini gambas at ...2...
Sat Jun 7 11:47:39 CEST 2003

Le Vendredi 6 Juin 2003 22:12, Rob a écrit :
> I spent a little time making some imagemaps and I think I've put together
> the beginnings of a nice "what are all these windows and stuff" page. 
> Haven't gotten started describing all the elements of the main window yet,
> just the Gambas startup dialog.  See what you think:
> http://www.binara.com/gambas-wiki/bin/view/Gambas/VisualIntroductionToGamba
> Rob

Your job made me very impressed and happy :-)

Is it possible to change the page header and footer ? (this yellow background 

Is is possible to modify your filter so that:
- Symbols descriptions are their own pages 
- OR all symbols of a class are on one page, but there is an index on the top 
of the page.

Is it possible to mark all pages generated by your filter, so that everybody 
knows that this page should not be modified ?
OR to change your filter, so that it keeps modifications made by other users ? 
Maybe it is impossible...

I will add a link on the web site as soon as possible.

Thanks, it is a great job :-)

Benoit Minisini
mailto:gambas at ...1...

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