[Gambas-user] visual intro to gambas

Charlie karl.reinl at ...9...
Sat Jun 7 00:16:39 CEST 2003

Ken Schrock schrieb:

> My, if you're always this productive
> I want to buy some stock in your company
> Rob wrote:
>> I spent a little time making some imagemaps and I think I've put 
>> together the beginnings of a nice "what are all these windows and 
>> stuff" page.  Haven't gotten started describing all the elements of 
>> the main window yet, just the Gambas startup dialog.  See what you 
>> think:
>> http://www.binara.com/gambas-wiki/bin/view/Gambas/VisualIntroductionToGambas 
>> Rob
Best demonstration what man and maschine can fit up in short time.
Concratulation Rob, that is a real good done job, using all tools 
possible to get it out quickly.

And thanks


PS: uff, i'm impressed

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