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Sat Jun 7 00:52:26 CEST 2003

Ok, there is a whole section of docs I am missing
Where exactly do you find doc on .Kill ?

Benoit also talked about .Raise and .Watch
Which I also have no reference for

Rob wrote:

>On Friday 06 June 2003 15:02, Ken Schrock wrote:
>>I need
>>pid = Exec "whatever"
>>Somewhere else
>Well, if you kill(pid) it'll try to delete a file named (the number of the 
>pid).  It's still BASIC, remember ;)
>Tried something like
>dim px as Process
>SHELL "whatever" AS px
>(and then later)
>(In answering this mail I discovered a few missing things in the wiki, like, 
>oh, all of the properties/methods for each class under the component section, 
>there are a bunch of orphaned * and _ in most of the converted pages (they're 
>equivalent to the <b> and <i> html tags) and EXEC is missing from the 
>statements by category list.... well, guess there's more work to be done ;) )
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