[Gambas-user] A couple of questions

Charlie karl.reinl at ...9...
Fri Jun 6 00:42:15 CEST 2003

Benoit Minisini schrieb:

>Le Mercredi 4 Juin 2003 22:13, Charlie a écrit :
>>>Making a wiki is a great idea. If you do it, I will fill it !
>>Jochen has a started wiki on his http://www.theeasygambasdoku.de/
>>go http://linuxwiki.de/Gambas
>>and fill it with live.
>It is in german ? Is it possible to have an english-only wiki for gambas 
>documentation ?

yes the first ( and only ) lines are in german and the site also,
but if you have remaked it uses your browser languages for explications,
why not talking english on it.

Thats internet.

I do not know who was starting this, Jochen ?
And Jochen invents you also to talk english.

I just have this questions here around, to whom who started that wiki ?
- Is there a grand possibility using this wiki for a longer time ?
- Is it possible to make him a little more closed ( I mean a login, for 
signed up users etc.)
    I say that, because this evening I added a 'Hi All start here'  and 
I'm identified by 'dialn-nbg-088.fen-net.de'
    what means 'nobody', every one has access to this pages.

I founde out the work on the user access.

Set up a simple wiki is easy, but you need a admin who follows the 
demand of the users.

Dit you know there are wiki implementations in nearly every programming 
language, including  VB?


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