[Gambas-user] A couple of questions

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Wed Jun 4 21:33:22 CEST 2003

Le Mercredi 4 Juin 2003 04:13, Ken Schrock a écrit :
> Rob wrote:
> >On Tuesday 03 June 2003 17:35, Ken Schrock wrote:
> >>Can I "send" an event? (like Win PostMessage)
> >>i.e. Can I call Button1_Click() if I have no sub (code) for it?
> >>(more useful real things would be select something in a listbox
> >> or perhaps drop down the list in a combo box programmatically)
> >>If so how? (It is often helpful to do this asynchronous)
> >
> >Well, as I understand it, you can pretty much do anything with events that
> > you can do in VB (with the addition of being able to name your event subs
> > anything you like if you want.)  The example you give, PostMessage, was
> > an API call and not really part of VB, though I can see how such a thing
> > would be useful.  Maybe it's possible already (like the Qt emit macro)
> > and I just don't know about it.
> Ok, sounds like a hint...
> Is the Qt emit call synchronous or asynchronous?
> (SendMessage is synchronous, PostMessage asynchronous)
> Can I call it from Gambas somehow?
> [snip]

Stop dreaming. You will never see anything from the internal of QT in gambas. 
Remember that I want to make a GTK+ component compatible with the QT one in 
the future.

Events raised by gambas source code are immediately dispatched, (SendMessage 
for Win32 guys) they have nothing to do with QT events.

Events raised by QT are dispatched when QT dispatch them, so it depends.

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